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Ionian Weather Forecasts

Whilst you are out on charter there are various ways of getting weather forecasts. Please note that it is sometimes difficult to get accurate forecasts for the Ionian, due to the high mountains and numerous islands in close proximity to each other, resulting in highly localised weather conditions.

To get an up to date forecast:

  • Telephone/SMS our base for a weather forecast - 0030 6932717533
  • On-line:
  • VHF CH 02 (GMT 06.00 / 10.00 / 16.00 / 22.00);
  • VHF CH 85 (GMT 06.00 / 10.00 / 16.00 / 22.00);



The winds in the Ionian are remarkably consistent in the summer months.  From late May to the end of September the Maistro wind blows down onto the Ionian Islands from the North West. Generally it arrives in the early afternoon, blows between F3-6 and dies down again in the evening. The Ionian does not suffer from the very strong Meltemi winds which impact more eastern parts of Greece.  

The prevailing wind is channelled and funnelled by the significant mountainous land masses in its way so it can vary in strength and direction quite quickly. The wind is generally at its strongest in July and August.

What's the weather like in the Ionian?

Our sailing season commences at the beginning of May and ends at the end of October. During this period the weather is suitable and safe for sailing. At any time in this period, you can generally comfortably swim in the sea, get good wind, catch a suntan and enjoy calm nights. Below is a brief description of the weather throughout this period, and what this means in terms of comfort and popularity:

May / June

Slightly cooler air and water temperatures in May, warming up through June, although you will still be able to swim comfortably and get a suntan! Not being in the school holidays, the area is generally quieter and it is easier to get a place on the quays. There is a slightly higher chance of rain in early May but it does not usually hang around long. Winds are generally stronger in the tail ends of the season.

July / August

Both air and water temperatures will be at their highest. Our boats are equipped with biminis and wind scoops which are essential at this time of year. Bring a hat and plenty of sun cream! Winds pick up at around lunchtime to F3/F4 and die away as evening approaches. Generally, night times will be very calm, resulting in quiet nights and a good night sleep. There is very little chance of rain, however, there are chances of the occasional thunder storm, but they do not last long.

September / October

The air temperature reduces as October approaches, however, the water is still very warm. In October you will need a sweater and trousers in the evenings, but all boats are supplied with warm duvets and blankets to ensure that you keep warm at night. Winds are generally stronger than in the high season and there is a higher risk of light rain and thunderstorms. The number of flotillas reduces when the school holidays end resulting in a quieter sailing area. In many people’s opinion, May and October are the best times for sailing in the Ionian.

 Ionian temperatures

The Coptic Chart

The Coptic Chart was developed in Egypt in ancient times and predicts significant weather patterns throughout

the year. It has been proven to be fairly accurate to within 48 hours. Winds generally set in from the south-west

veering west, north-west and last around 3 days. Nisos holds no responsibility for any inaccuracies!


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