Flights to Preveza Airport, Lefkas from the UK

Please note additional flights are being added all the time

In an ideal world, you should aim to arrive into Greece on one of the afternoon flights, so we can get you onboard and away that same afternoon.  If you arrive after 6pm, then we will not be able to get you away from base.  In this instance we will try and move the boat down into Nidri for you to one of the pontoons and the transfer will drop you at the boat.  This is a better place to overnight, although there will be a mooring fee to pay (approx Euros 25).

On the return, we need the boat back at Perigiali for 9am please on the day of departure.  If you are on a late departure, there is lots to do in the immediate area to entertain yourselves for the day, such as motor boat rental, water sports at Horizon Watersports or just relaxing by the pool in a nearby hotel.

If you choose to arrive a few days prior to your charter or fly home a few days after your charter, then we can advise on local hotels for you to stay at in the Lefkas area and arrange transfers/taxis as required.

Flights to Preveza (PVK) from the UK

Departure Day Operator Flight number Departure time Arrival time (PVK) Where to Book? Start Date
Gatwick Wednesday Easy Jet  EZY8369 06:05 11:25  3 April 2019
Gatwick Wednesday Tui TOM9548 13:45 19:00 22 May 2019
Gatwick Friday  Easy Jet  EZY8369 06:05  11:25  28 June 2019
Gatwick Sunday  Easy Jet  EZY8369 07:45 13:00  31 March 2019
Gatwick Sunday  Easy Jet  EZY8371 15:55  21:15  21 July 2019 
Gatwick Sunday  Thomas Cook  MT1620 09:10 14:20 5 May 2019
Gatwick Sunday Tui TOM4782 16:30 21:45 20 Oct 2019
Heathrow Sunday BA BA0674 11:25 16:50 26 May 2019
Heathrow Wednesday BA BA0674 08:20 13:45 26 May 2019
Manchester  Wednesday  Easy Jet  EZY1993 15:50  21:20  1 May 2019
Manchester Sunday Tui TOM2758 13:25 19:00 5 May 2019
Manchester Sunday Easy Jet EZY1993 16:25  21:55  5 May 2019
Manchester Saturday Thomas Cook MT1074 05:50 11:25  18 May 2019 
Manchester Sunday Thomas Cook MT1256 14:00 19:35  5 May 2019 
Bristol Sunday Thomas Cook MT1836 13:35 18:45 5 May 2019 


Return Flights from Preveza (PVK) to the UK

Destination Day Operator Flight number Departure Time Arrival Time Where to book?
Gatwick Wednesday Easy Jet EZY8370 12:15 13:40
Gatwick Wednesday Tui TOM9548 20:00 21:20
Gatwick Friday Easy Jet EZY8370 12:05 13:30
Gatwick Sunday Easy Jet EZY8370 13:50 15:15
Gatwick Sunday Easy Jet EZY8372 22:00 23:25
Gatwick Sunday Thomas Cook MT1621 15:20 16:35
Gatwick Sunday Tui TOM4783 22:45 00:10
Heathrow Sunday BA BA0681 17:45 19:10
Heathrow Wednesday BA BA0681 14:45 16:10
Manchester Sunday Thomas Cook MT1257 20:35 22:10
Manchester Saturday Thomas Cook MT1075 12:25 14:10
Manchester Sunday Tui TOM2759 20:00 21:35
Manchester Sunday Easy Jet EZY1994 22:35 00:15
Manchester Wednesday Easy Jet EZY1994 22:00 23:40
Bristol Sunday Thomas Cook MT1837 19:45 21:00

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