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Ionian Assisted Bareboat Charters

Assisted Bareboat Charters

The Assisted Bareboat Charter programme run by Nisos Yacht Charter is a unique service that really offers some fantastic benefits over and above what is offered by the traditional flotillas in the wonderful Ionian region.

What are Assisted Bareboat Charters?
In essence, it is a mini flotilla consisting of up to 8 yachts plus the Nisos lead boat "Good News" our trusty Bavaria 34. You will follow a set itinerary, which is usually in the South Ionian and the lead crew will be on hand to find you a safe mooring for the night and make sure you are all set for the night ahead. During the days you are free to go and do as you please and in the evenings there are no organised social activities. Some nights you will be moored up in beautiful bays with access to beach side tavernas, other nights you may be moored up in one of the delightful traditional Greek villages. We like to moor the boats using a shoreline hanging 20m or so off the shore so that you can swim off the boat in the mornings and evenings which is fantastic!

Assisted Bareboat Charters are not just for inexperienced sailors. The scheme is perfect for all abilities, and the best reason for choosing it is so that you can stay out longer in the afternoon breeze and sail and come in later than you probably would do if you were on your own finding your own mooring berth.

- Please note, currently, we are sometimes asking crews to come in by 6pm in the busier harbours to ensure a space.

Ionian Mooring, Kioni with Nisos Yacht Charter
Typical Ionian mooring...

What are the benefits?

  • 7 nights away from base - you set sail on the Sunday afternoon and only arrive back into base on the day of departure. That means you get 2 more nights away from base than the traditional flotilla offering in the Ionian - that's 28% more holiday for your money!
  • the boats available on the Assisted scheme are the same as we offer on the bareboat holidays, so they are very well equipped and maintained.
  • our lead crew encourage you to stay out and enjoy the afternoon winds - no requests to come into the harbour by a certain time - you are in charge!
  • no social activities - no group meals, no fancy dress parties, no tug of war competitions. However there will be other crews on the scheme so if you get on well with another family/group and you want to eat with them, then that is your choice.
  • with only a smaller number of boats on the scheme, our lead crew can give you a very personal service including individual briefings in the mornings.
  • Ideal for skippers who are relatively inexperienced or are sailing short handed with nervous crews.
  • We still charge per boat, not per person. The price is equivalent to the normal bareboat charter price plus a GBP£350 fee for one week or GBP£600 for two weeks.

Are qualifications required to charter on the Assisted Bareboat Charter scheme?
In short, yes. To charter a boat in Greece, either bareboat or flotilla, one person onboard must hold an RYA Day Skipper Practical certificate or an International Certificate of Competence ("ICC") or equivalent.

How much does it cost and when can we book it?
The Assisted Bareboat Charter scheme runs from May through to the end of September. The cost is £350 per boat for one week or £600 for two weeks. Early booking is essential as we do limit the number of boats taking part to 8.

Typical Assisted Bareboat Charter itinerary

What makes the ABC group so successful is its ability to remain flexible with regards its route so as to be able to try and avoid the large flotillas in the area and take account of specific client requests and of course the weather!

So we don't like to say exactly where you will be visiting, but a very typical route is as follows:

Sunday night (day or arrival): Little Vathi, Meganissi Island 

Monday night:  Kioni, Ithica Island

Tuesday night:  Pollis Bay, Ithica Island

Wednesday night:  Fiskardo, Kefalonia Island

Thursday night:  Wilderness night

Friday night:  Sivota, Lefkada

Saturday night:  Spartachori, Meganissi Island

Sunday: Return to base at Perigiali for 9am

As stated above this is very much an example of what is possible.


Meet the Lead Crew
Nisos Assisted Bareboat Charters Lead crew 2019

Donald and Pippa - Lead crew of the Assisted Bareboat Charter scheme 2019.

Donald and Pippa have successfully run traditional flotillas for larger operators in the Ionian in prior years and have joined the Nisos team in 2019 to take up the challenge of running the unique Assisted Bareboat Charter scheme.

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