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Update from the Nisos Yard - refit 2019

Holding Tanks

Holding tanks......for a comfortable charter experience, it is vital to have a yacht fitted with (working) holding tanks.  Some operators disconnect them so they don't have any issues to contend with.  They do get blocked from time to time, especially when clients flush toilet paper down the loos.   At Nisos, every winter, we remove the holding tanks, flush them thoroughly out, and replace the waste pipes (which do get scaled up over a season or two).  It is a huge amount of work, but is the only way to have nice smelling loos which shouldn't get blocked!


Engines are fully serviced, and those that require it, removed for an overhaul and refurbishment.  Alternators, starter motors, heat exchanges, exhaust elbows, implellers, belts, turbos, injectors....there is a lot to do.

Come back to see more soon....

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