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More flights from the UK to Preveza added!

Great news, there are now 4 more flights to Preveza from the UK, as follows:

Flybe on Sunday from Manchester (Departs - 08:50 Arrives -14:15)

Thomas Cook on Sunday from Stansted (Departs - 06:00 Arrives - 11:20)

Enter Air on Sunday from Gatwick (Departs - 08:05 Arrives - 13:05)

Enter Air on Sunday from Gatwick (Departs - 15:55 Arrives - 22:00)

Look here for the full details and where to book: Flights from the UK to Preveza

So we can get you away from base on the day of arrival,  ideally you should be aiming to be with us by 6pm.  Then we can get you briefed, boarded and away from base.  We can pre book you in at a location on Meganissi, so it doesn't really matter what time you leave base (as long as it is before dark!).

If you do arrive on one of the evening flights into Preveza, then we will still be there to meet you of course and get you safely onboard, but you will not be able to depart base until the Monday morning.

If you have any questions regarding travel to the Ionian, then please do just contact us

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