For flights to Preveza Airport, Greece from the UK

At present the following flights to and from Preveza from the UK can be booked now:

Flights to Preveza (PVK) 2018

Departure Day Operator Flight number Departure time Arrival time (PVK) Where to Book?
Gatwick Wednesday Tui Airlines D89548 13:45 19:00
Gatwick Thursday Charter S5241 05:35 10:45
Gatwick Friday Easy Jet EZY8369 06:05 11:25
Gatwick Wed Easy Jet EZY8369 06:05 11:25
Gatwick Sunday Tui Airlines BY4782 13:10 18:25
Gatwick Sunday Easy Jet EZY8369 07:45 13:00
Gatwick Sunday Easy Jet EZY8371 15:55 21:15
Gatwick Sunday Thomas Cook MT1620 09:10 14:20
Gatwick Sunday Charter S5579 05:45 10:55
Heathrow Sunday BA Charter BA8626 09:45 15:15
Manchester Wednesday Easy Jet EZY1993 15:50 21:20
Manchester Thursday Charter FP0713 09:00 14:20
Manchester Sunday Tui Airlines BY2758 13:25 19:00
Manchester Sunday Easy Jet EZY1993 16:25 21:55
Manchester Saturday Thomas Cook MT1074 05:50 11:25
Manchester Sunday Thomas Cook MT1256 14:05 19:35
Bristol Sunday Thomas Cook MT1836 14:50 20:00

Flights from Preveza (PVK) 2018

Destination Day Operator Flight number Departure time (PVK) Arrival time Where to Book?
Gatwick Wednesday Tui Airlines D89549 20:00 21:35
Gatwick Thursday Charter S5242 11:35 13:00
Gatwick Friday Easy Jet EZY8370 12:05 13:30
Gatwick Wed Easy Jet EZY8370 12:05 13:30
Gatwick Sunday Tui Airlines BY4783 19:25 20:45
Gatwick Sunday Easy Jet EZY8372 22:00 23:25
Gatwick Sunday Easy Jet EZY8370 13:40 15:05
Gatwick Sunday Thomas Cook MT1621 15:20 16:35
Gatwick Sunday Charter S5580 11:45 13:10
Heathrow Sunday BA Charter BA8627 16:25 17:50
Manchester Wednesday Easy Jet EZY1994 22:00 23:35
Manchester Thursday Charter FP0714 15:10 16:35
Manchester Sunday Tui Airlines BY2759 20:00 21:35
Manchester Sunday Easy Jet EZY1994 22:35 00:10
Manchester Saturday Thomas Cook MT1075 12:25 14:10
Manchester Sunday Thomas Cook MT1257 20:35 22:10
Bristol Sunday Thomas Cook MT1837 21:00 22:15


Let us do the leg work for you - simply let us know dates of travel, numbers and ideal departure point and we will find you the best flights.

The nearest airport to our yacht base on Lefkas Island is Preveza Airport.

There are flights to Preveza on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only from Gatwick, Heathrow, Bristol and Manchester.

The first flight into Preveza is on the Sunday 29th April 2018.  The last returning flight is Sunday 28th October 2018.

Flights can be booked at the following:

Some flights include baggage, some don't so be sure to know what is included when booking.

Early booking of flights is essential.

It is advisable that you aim to arrive at our base before 4pm if you wish to depart on the day of arrival.  We will require the boat to be returned to base on the Sunday morning at 9am, so any of the early afternoon departure flights from Preveza work well.

If you wish to arrive a few days prior to your charter or indeed stay on for a few days after the charter, we can advise on local hotels to stay at.  


Transfers from Preveza Airport

We arrange the transfers for you from Preveza Airport to our base at Perigiali.  We can either arrange your own personal taxi (approx Euros 50 per taxi each way) or a seat on our transfer coach (approx euros 10pp each way).  There is a maximum of 4 passengers per taxi. Payments are to be made in cash to the driver.