Whilst on your sailing holiday in the Ionian, you will experience many different forms of mooring which you may not be used to.  Below we have set out the various techniques which will be useful for you.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us!

Stern to mooring

This is the most common form of mooring in the Ionian, be it to a town quay, a tavernas pontoon or even to the shore in a beautiful bay.

Long Line mooring

If you are anchored in a bay and you wish to stop the possibility of swinging with wind direction change, then this is a great technique to employ. You will also find in many bays that when there are other boats moored near by, you will not be able to swing safely, especially if the other boats are long lining. The best knot for tying to the shore is the bowline, as even when it has been put under significant tension it is possible to undo without too much effort. So get practicing! All Nisos yachts come equipped with long floating shore lines. The biggest hazard to consider when mooring like this is the dreaded prop wrap. The floating lines do help minimise this risk, but please do be extremely careful when engaging gear with any lines in the water near the boat.

Free swinging on anchor

There is something very special about spending a night at anchor, free swinging in a beautiful deserted bay! It is quieter, cooler and less chance of having anchor snags with other boats! This short video will give you some ideas on how to anchor successfully! All Nisos Yachts come equipped with marked anchor chain (and plenty of it) and the excellent holding Rocna Anchors, to give you the very best chance of a successful anchoring experience.