When chartering with Nisos Yacht Charter, the yacht will come equipped with the following:

 - tea towels;

 - bin bags (large and toilet bins);

 - cleaning cloths and general cleaning sprays;

Everything you will need to keep the yacht clean is already onboard, stored in a handy reusable Nisos shopping bag

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When you arrive at our base in Perigiali, there is a small supermarket a 3-minute walk away.  The supermarket stocks all the essentials you will need and will even deliver down to your yacht for you so there is no need to have to carry anything.

We can also offer a provisioning service via our friends at Yacht Fresh.  They have put together some excellent starter packs which you can purchase in advance at the following web site:  www.yachtfresh.co.uk/nisos.  On check out please add your Yacht Name, Nisos and approximate arrival time.  Your purchases will be put on board the yacht prior to your arrival and stowed away.


Order your Starter Pack HERE -------- www.yachtfresh.co.uk/nisos/

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