If you are planning a sailing holiday, then it is more than likely that you are looking at your options for sailing holidays in Greece. Now considered the go-to destination for an adventure filled holiday, Greece has something for everyone, from sailing independently to a skippered charter.

Getting around the Greek islands couldn't be easier as there are plenty of islands to choose from and the seas are generally calm and easy to navigate. Island hopping in Greece is one of the best ways of seeing as much as you can as well as discovering all the secluded bays and beaches that Greece has to offer.

We are going to look at the options available to you for sailing holidays in Greece, what the availability is like, and what you can expect to pay.

Bareboat yacht charter

This is all about you and the freedom to come and go as you please, the ultimate way to sail and explore the Ionian islands of Greece. You are on your own and you can do as you please, anchor almost anywhere and venture into quaint Greek villages and maybe have an ouzo or two!

Bareboat yacht charter isn't as expensive as you might think, particularly as you are the skipper. Expect to pay for one week's charter between £2,000 and £7,000, depending on what size yacht you hire and when you go. If you plan to sail in the busiest months of the year which are June to September, then the cost is going to be more. Likewise, the bigger the yacht the bigger the price. Availability is good in May and October, however, book early if you plan to sail in the busy summer months.

Assisted bareboat yacht charter

What is the difference between a simple bareboat yacht charter and an assisted bareboat yacht charter? If you choose the assisted route, then you will still be sailing your own yacht but will be in a flotilla of up to seven other yachts including a lead yacht. This would be a good place to start if you haven't quite got the confidence to go it alone. You simply follow an itinerary and can do as you please during the day, but there is assistance on hand to help you moor up at night. Quite often this means you can stay out longer as the lead yacht has already secured moorings for the night.

This type of chartering allows you to be as sociable as you want or keep yourself to yourself, it's up to you.

The price for this will be the same as bareboat charter with a little extra on top - up to £350 per week, depending on the month you go. Again, you can go anytime between May and October with the high season months getting booked up well in advance.

Utilise our skippers and a Hostess

If you are not so confident or do not hold applicable sailing qualifications, then you can hire a skipper for your entire holiday or simply by the day. This will ensure you have the most relaxing holiday available. Just to make this a truly relaxing experience, you also have the opportunity to hire a hostess to ensure that you are perfectly looked after.The hostess will provide breakfast, lunch and all soft drinks for the duration of your holiday, as well as keeping the yacht clean and tidy.

Sailing holidays in Greece are one of the best ways of hopping around the Greek islands and experiencing one of the most breathtaking environments still available - it's great value, educational, peaceful and above all, totally relaxing.


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