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Flights to Preveza for your Nisos Yacht Charter sailing holiday in the Ionian Islands, Greece

Let us do the leg work for you! If you have any problems finding flights, let us know and we will find them for you!

Charter Flights to Preveza from the UK are available from Manchester, Heathrow, Birmingham and Gatwick on Sundays and Thursdays only.  There are NO scheduled flight services to Preveza.

Here is the 2014 flight timetable from the UK to Preveza, Greece.

Airport Day Flight no. Out Time Return Time Start Date 
 HeathrowSUNBA9210/1 0950/1515 1615/1745 25 May 
 GatwickSUN P7 175/60530/1045 1135/1255 20 July 
 GatwickSUN ST3304/5 0600/1125 1210/1335 18 May 
 GatwickSUN MON1786/7 0625/1130 1245/1355 4 May 
 GatwickSUN MON7918/9 0635/1200 1300/1410 26 Apr 
 GatwickSUN MON3690/1 0800/1300 1400/1525 11 May 
 GatwickSUN TCX1062/3 0750/1305 1405/1520 4 May 
 Gatwick SUN TOM4782/3 1310/1825 1925/2045 4 May 
 GatwickSUN TOM4770/1 1455/2010 2110/2235 4 May  
 Gatwick Thur P70241/2 0800/1305 1355/1515 26 Jun 
 ManchSUN MON5642/3 0700/1230 1330/1515 4 May 
 ManchSUN TOM2758 1325/1900 2000/2135 4 May 
 ManchSUN TCX2256/7 1310/1845 1945/2120 4 May 
 ManchThur P70247/8 0800/1340 1430/1625 29 May 
 BirmSUNBE9007/8 0615/1130 1215/1130 25 May 

Flights to Preveza can be booked easily via any of the following:

Charter Flights (0208 7140010) - mention Nisos if you call them and ask for Barry

2bookaholiday (0207 0303731) - mention Nisos and ask for Matt Grainger

or online at:





The morning flights are best suited for the yacht availability timings, however we can accommodate arrivals at any time as required.

If you need any advice, please do not hesitate to ask.