We all know that a weeks sailing around the magnificant Ionian Islands is the very best holiday possible!  However, sometimes there are members of the family or group who also wish to spend some time just relaxing in the sun by a swimming pool or visiting beautiful Greek villages in the mountains - oh and enjoying a bit more comfort than a week on a sailing boat can afford!

A huge number of our clients are combining a weeks sailing with a week ashore these days.  With so many fantastic islands surrounding us on Lefkas/Lefkada, you could even spend your week ashore on a different island.

On Lefkas itself there is a wide range of accommodation options available such as hotels, self catering apartments, luxury detached villas and even camping!  At Nisos Yacht Charter, we have a number of detached villas with swimming pools and incredible views available for you, which you can book through us. If you fancy something simpler or a hotel, then we can happily point you in the right direction.


On Lefkas, the east coast around Nidri and Perigiali is extremely popular. On this side of the islands, the waters are calmer, the beaches smaller and it is a busy area, with a huge number of tavernas, bars and shops all within easy reach.  There are also a number of watersports opportunities such as dinghy sailing, wind surfing and the inevitable inflateable tow along thrill rides!  Another really popular activity on Lefkas is to rent a small motor boat or RIB for a day or two and explore the bays and villages on the nearby islands (Meganissi is close by).  To rent a motor boat or RIB with an engine of 30hp or under, no licence or experience is required, and they are still plenty fast enough to get about and provide a really goof fun day out. If you have an ICC ("International Certificate of Competence" then you will be able to take out a more powerful motor boat.

Contact http://tridentboats.gr/ for motor boat hire

Contact Horizon watersports for windsurfing and dinghy sailing out of Nidri - www.horizonwatersports.co.uk


trident boats

On the west coast of Lefkas, we have the world class beaches of Porto Katsiki, Egremni and Kathisma to name but a few. These are stunningly beautiful places, and out of the way so it takes a bit of effort to get to them, usually involving a windy drive down the mountain roads.  

Egremni beach Lefkada one


If you are a keen and competent windsurfer or dinghy sailor then you really should visit Vasiliki on the south coast of Lefkas.  The winds here are extremely reliable and strong and home to several companies offering all the latest equipment and expertise such as Wildwinds (www.wildwind.co.uk).

Lefkada is an extremely mountainous island with the Satvrota massive reaching as high as 1,182m.  It is a wonderful place to drive around and explore. The views across the island and out to the Ionian Sea are very impressive and there are some beautiful villages to visit and sit in the cool squares enjoying a frappe and a simple meal. On a hot summer afternoon, there can be not better places to relax and watch traditional Greek life unfold around you.

A fantastic taverna is Taverna Rachi in Exanthia high up in the mountains.  The best time to visit is in the evening to see the amazing sunset.

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For those of you that enjoy a bit of thrill seeking, Exanthia is also the home of paragliding on Lefkas.  You can enjoy the thrills of flying high up in the mountains with no experience on a tandem flight, eventually landing on Kathisma beach on the west coast.  The flight time depends on the wind and lift conditions, which are pretty consistent in the high summer.  Well recommended! Contact:  http://www.lefkadaparagliding.com/en/tandem

kalamata 2016 paragliding 2

Just above Nidri, we have the Nidri Waterfalls.  It's not the most amazing of sites, but a welcome trip early in the day (before it gets busy) and a swim in the plunge pool at the foot of the waterfall in the cold water (very welcome after the hot walk up there!).  Don't forget to buy your Lefkadian honey from the stall!

lefkada 144239

If you are into cycling, then there is a good cycle hire/guide company, called Get Active, which can take you on some great rides (road and off-road) around the island. There are also new enterprises opening each season for the more active including SUP cruises and even swimming holidays!

Overall, Lefkas is a wonderful island to enjoy for all ages.  Extremely beautiful and something for everyone.