Sailing around the lovely Ionian Islands is a wonderful way to explore this small corner of the Mediterranean, and there is no better way to do so than on a fully-equipped charter yacht. To ensure that you enjoy the best possible sailing experience, the Greek yacht charter you choose should be well equipped and cater to your every need. While some people prefer smaller yachts with just the basics, others prefer more luxurious surroundings with all mod cons; however, regardless of your preference, there are a few things that are always needed when sailing.

Here we consider what a well-equipped yacht looks like so that you can be sure to enjoy a superb charter that is safe, easy and relaxing.

GPS plotters

An on-board GPS plotter makes charting your course easy and ensures you always get to explore all the areas you want to see when you are sailing. This is a crucial navigation tool for all yachtsmen, providing a clear picture of what is beneath the boat; in addition, it makes choosing where to swim and dive much easier.

Sun Biminis

Somewhere to shelter from the harsh rays of the sun is essential, with a Bimini keeping you well protected while allowing you to enjoy the open ocean. Retractable or removable Biminis make catching rays or seeking shelter simple and are a great addition to any yacht.

Electric windlass and Rocna anchors

Easy to hoist anchors make sailing so much more enjoyable, with a well-equipped yacht having both a decent anchor and a high-quality windlass. The windlass can also be used to hoist a fishing net, meaning that you can lift heavy nets out of the water with no problems whatsoever.

Full instrumentation

Full instrumentation is crucial; when on a Greek yacht charter, it is even more so. Yachtsman will want to navigate with ease, with the addition of wind instruments making plotting a preferred course straightforward and ensuring that the best sailing conditions are always taken advantage of.

Reliable waste holding tanks

Especially when on holiday, the last thing you want to think about is waste and where it goes. A well-equipped yacht will not only have adequate waste tanks but also tanks that are reliable and operate efficiently under all conditions.

Increased battery capacity

Domestic power on board a yacht is a key component. If this supply dwindles, is not very efficient or simply cuts out at random, it can make sailing very unpleasant indeed. Increased battery capacity ensures there is domestic power available for an extended period and that the supply is uninterrupted.

A fully-equipped galley

A yacht, regardless of whether used for leisure or for serious sailing, should never have a galley that is under-equipped. A fully-stocked galley with all the amenities and appliances you will need is not a luxury; instead, it is a necessity. Sailing should not be uncomfortable, with a well-stocked, well-kitted-out galley making sure everyone has access to creature comforts.

A yacht with these features and benefits is what you need to look for when booking a charter; indeed, you should never settle for less. A well-equipped yacht is one that makes you feel comfortable and caters to your yachtsman's needs when sailing amongst the beautiful Ionian Islands.