Guaranteed sunshine, as much comfort and luxury as you can handle, the freedom to do what makes you happy, and amazing food. All this and more is the reward for those who are into the idea of sailing holidays in Greece.

Flexible and fun

Perfect for everyone, from groups of friends and honeymooners to families and the retired, where else could you find a holiday spot which lets you mix and match cultural excursions with lazy lunches on a deserted beach; or enjoy a bustling fishing harbour one day and spend the next anchored off the coast doing absolutely nothing! No wonder this area is said to be the most popular location in the entire world for sailing breaks every month of the year!

No experience necessary

You don't need to be [or befriend] a millionaire yacht owner to enjoy a sailing holiday. You don't even need a lot, or sometimes any experience of sailing! Yachts of all sizes are available for hire, and rental options range from bareboat sailing - perfect for those with enough experience and confidence to sail the vessel themselves with remote back-up available if needed, to skippered charters with a hostess option. This is, of course, a great choice for complete or near novices or anyone who simply wants to sit back and put their feet up and enjoy the independence and other benefits a sailing holiday offers.

Sailing's middle ground

Those with some sailing experience who want a little more hands-on support can usually join a flotilla of some sort. This means several yachts sail together, and trained staff only help out with trickier aspects of the sail such as mooring. This style of sailing holiday is very popular as it offers a suitable level of support and also some natural opportunities for socializing with the other sailors in the group.

Go where you will

Even the laziest of sailors needs a plan, perhaps just so they know where to drop anchor and laze about! Yacht hire companies often provide possible itineraries which feature places of interest and suggestions on topics like eating out and sightseeing.

Fully equipped

Sailing holidays in Greece are pretty much like staying in a portable luxury hotel suite, combining high standards of safety with a generous amount of creature comforts. Don't settle for anything less than a yacht kitted out with everything you need, from a GPS and fridge to a powerful battery which feeds your power supply -plus clean, good quality linen and a galley stocked with everything you need.

What to watch out for

A sailing holiday should be about making amazing memories to last a lifetime, so avoid yours becoming a living nightmare by booking with a company that prioritises safety, customer experience and delivering a value for money package. Check if insurance, fuel and cleaning charges are included in the price quoted; they should be. That way you can avoid any unwelcome surprises.

Pretty much anyone can enjoy the freedom and fun a sailing holiday in and around the Greek islands offers. The various options cater to all experience levels, and as every day is spent pleasing yourself, it's likely the only problem will be forcing your party to leave at the end of the yacht hire period!