When looking for a place to take your next holiday you will be spoilt for choice. In our modern world access to almost all parts of the globe is possible. But for those of us in the UK, there are some great places in the sun within easy travelling distance in Europe.

However, whilst many of us have visited Spain and other countries on mainland Europe there are some other parts of the continent that are relatively unspoilt and can provide a fabulous and more original holiday experience.

Greece is a beautiful country and her islands are particularly picturesque with pretty rocky coves and stunning sandy beaches. The Ionian isles are particularly lovely set in the blue waters of the Ionian Sea.

Ionian history

Filled with history, these islands have been inhabited for centuries and, in fact, may have been colonised by the Greeks as early as 1500BC. Absorbed into the Macedonian kingdom they were later swallowed up by the expanding Roman Empire. Later they passed into Byzantine rule and then in 1204 to Venetian hands. The islands were one of the few areas of Greece not to be conquered by the Ottoman Empire. Passing through French hands via Napoleon's defeat of the Venetian Republic and British hands after their defeat of Napoléon, they finally came back into Greek hands in 1862. What a history!


A wonderful way to really get to know and explore the Ionian Islands is via boat or yacht, enabling you to explore so much of the coast and rocky shores around the islands that traditional tourist routes will never see. Discover a deserted little bay for your own private picnic, or drop anchor to explore one of the numerous pretty little Greek villages scattered across the islands.

These islands have so much to enjoy and experience and Greek sailing holidays can provide the perfect way to explore. Each day will bring a new experience or sensation and your plans are all your own. From a quiet day on board while anchored in a beautiful little cove, or experiencing island village life and perhaps visiting a local restaurant or caféto enjoy some Greek hospitality, it's all up to you.

The seas around these islands have flat and protected waters making it perfect even for inexperienced sailors.

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