Sailing is an invigorating, fun sport, with the breeze in your face, white sails billowing against a clear blue sky and the gentle motion of the boat as it slices through the crystal clearwater, so why not incorporate that experience into a holiday? It's a great way to enjoy the outdoors and transport you to new adventures every day on beautiful islands.

The Ionian

The Ionian has a fantastic Mediterranean climate with over 3,000 hours of sunshine a year. The islands are split into two categories, North and South. The Northern islands include Corfu and Paxos, and east of these islands lay the western coast of mainland Greece. The southern islands consist of Lefkas, Cephalonia, Ithaca, Meganissi, Kastos and Kalamos. What these islands all have in common are beautiful white sandy beaches and secluded bays perfect for swimming and snorkeling.


Finding your way around the Ionian Islands is simple and stress-free, and as the islands are all fairly close together with no tides or currents, an experienced sailor will have no problems. The Ionian Sea is famous worldwide for its perfect sailing conditions, with winds which build up by mid-afternoon to give you a fun sailing holiday, calming down to still waters by the evening.


Chartering a yacht in the Ionian is so easy - there is a wide selection of boats ranging from two to 10 berths, so a large family and friends could easily enjoy sailing in the Ionian and share in the sailing experience. Whether you are an experienced sailor, a novice or a non-sailor makes no difference, as you can hire skippers to do all the sailing, have an assisted bareboat if you want to have a go or just bareboat for the more accomplished sailor.


Because sailing in the Ionian is the safest sailing area in the world, it is also becoming busier. You therefore need to be aware that the most stunning bays fill up by lunchtime, so don't be late getting started in the mornings! Also, if you are going inshore to any ports, get there before 11 a.m. to guarantee getting a quay space. The alternative is to anchor off and use your dinghy to get ashore. The best sailing is mid-afternoon when the prevailing wind is at its best, so this is the best time to go out to sea.


The beauty of sailing in the Ionian is that you can create your own itinerary, doing whatever you want, whenever you want. You can spend the morning gently sailing to a lunchtime spot in a secluded bay or one of the many beautiful villages, have a swim or snorkel and then set sail for your evening destination, relaxation is the name of the game. The islands are all steeped in history, with many ancient ruins and interesting locations to visit, and the local people are very friendly and welcoming. What better way could there be to while away those balmy days than sailing?