What is your ideal holiday? One you can design yourself? Well, that's possible, if you and your family embark on a sailing holiday. A sailing holiday will give you the ultimate freedom to create your own itinerary, exploring places you want to see at your pace, for as long as you want.


Where would you go for this dream holiday? The sunniest place in Europe is Greece. With its 170 inhabited islands, you will find plenty to do and see, for both adults and children. Sailing holidays in Greece are affordable, and can cost significantly less for a family than booking into a hotel, and you get to see places only reachable by boat. It also gives you and your family lots of privacy to do exactly what you want, whether you choose to be busy visiting lively locations or just relaxing in a secluded bay, swimming and basking in the sun.


When you have taken the plunge and decided on a sailing holiday in Greece, the next step is choosing the type of vessel. For those of you who have never sailed before, you have the choice of a skippered charter, which will give you the opportunity to learn to sail if you wish, or you can leave that to an experienced skipper. The skipper will sleep onboard, but will be conscious of your privacy requirements. He will also be available to advise you of the best sailing areas. Your other options are assisted bareboat charter, where you join a flotilla of around seven other vessels, which is led by an experienced sailor, or for the experienced sailor, try a bareboat charter, where you take the yacht, totally on your own, for the duration of your holiday.


There are a wide variety of yachts available, ranging from 32ft to 51ft, with smaller yachts having just 2 cabins, and larger ones having 4. All the necessary equipment is provided, so all you have to do is arrive with your luggage and begin your adventure. Don't go overboard with bringing too much luggage, as storage space is at a premium, and basically, you don't need a great deal.


There are five main sailing regions around Greece,

  1. The calm waters of the Saronic and Argolic Gulf and Peloponnese Coast
  2. The popular Cyclades islands
  3. The Ionian Islands, with their mild climate, gentle winds and calm seas that are great for first-time sailors. The warm, but advanced, Dodecanese islands
  4. The Sporades islands, with their wonderful beaches


Greek culture and traditions are very rich and diverse. The people are very proud of their history and their cultural heritage. They speak with great passion about their country. They have very close-knit families, and the word family means close social-group whose members are related either by marriage or blood. Their food and beverages are famous for quality and taste, with fresh ingredients providing a healthy Mediterranean diet. They are great hosts and will welcome you with open arms.

There is no better way to enjoy a true family holiday than floating around these beautiful islands and the master of your own destiny.