When deciding where to go for your annual holiday there can be a bewildering choice of destinations and places to visit, not to mention the myriad of holiday types.

From skiing to beach holidays, or from cruising to camping, there are so many choices. But if you are looking for something a little different and more catered specifically to your wishes you could consider sailing around the beautiful Ionian Islands. Ionian sailing holidays can be the most unique break available.

The Ionian Sea

Set in a picturesque part of Europe, Greece and the Ionian Islands offer a chance to explore gorgeous coastline and beaches as well as the many villages and towns scattered across the isles.

The Ionian Sea itself is set between Italy and Sicily and surrounds a large part of the Greek coastline and islands. Bordering directly onto the Mediterranean Sea this is a wonderful part of southern Europe, with beautiful sunny weather and an unspoiled coastline.

By choosing a sailing holiday, each day is a whole new adventure. You can enjoy lazy days relaxing on board, underneath blazing skies and feel the breeze as you skim across the waves and drop anchor in a local bay of your choosing. Find yourself the perfect little bay or beach area to relax and enjoy the view, or perhaps explore one of the numerous small villages and grab yourself a slice of Greek hospitality.

See how the locals live and enjoy delicious, fresh Mediterranean cuisine in the various restaurants, cafes and eateries available.

Perfect for beginners or old hands

Although the thought of an Ionian sailing holiday will be appealing to many of us, the thought of dealing with the actual mechanics of controlling and using the boat itself might be worrying to the inexperienced sailor. However, you can charter a boat that includes a Captain and crew to ensure you can really enjoy your break, whilst letting the experts take care of the technicalities of sailing and mooring.

The Ionian Sea itself is a wonderfully protected area of sea, filled with flat and calm waters, making it a great place for amateurs to sail around, and with a range of sailing boats available, you can book the perfect size craft for you, your family and your holiday needs.


The beauty of any sailing holiday, including Ionian sailing holidays, is the superb flexibility to fit to whatever type of experience you are looking for. You can make it a relaxing time both on board and with your adventures on land, and fill your days exploring the varied terrain ashore, keeping busy and entertained. You could even mix it up with entertainment and activity filled days, interspersed with lazy days relaxing in the sun.

With a sailing break, you can set your own itinerary, whether sailing yourself or working with your Captain to work out the route you want to follow. So if you are looking for a flexible, memorable, one of a kind holiday, you should consider an Ionian sailing holiday.