There is no place on earth quite like the Ionian Islands in Greece. They are renowned for their stunning landscape with an abundance of olive groves and distinctive 'sugar cube' villages. The forested mountains are a stunning contrast to the beaches, giving you the option of a beach holiday or an adventure holiday with hiking and trekking.

Greek sailing holidays can offer you the chance to explore this region at you own pace and with your own itinerary, giving you the freedom that package holidays and cruises cannot offer - your holiday on your terms. Why not try a sailing holiday and explore the islands in style?

Choose Your Greek Sailing Holiday

There are many options when it comes to planning Greek sailing holidays. With a variety of boats on offer and service options, you can choose an option that is right for you. If you have little experience of sailing, it may be preferable to choose a skippered boat. You can gain the necessary experience from the skipper so that you can charter your own boat the next time you travel. If you are an experienced sailor, you can choose from the range of boats that are on offer for a bareboat charter. Choose from a variety of yachts offering different berths. Check out the interior of each yacht by viewing the videos on the website.

Take a Sailing Course

Even if you are an experienced sailor, it is always advisable to take a refresher course in sailing to see if there is anything new required and to refresh your navigational skills. Familiarise yourself with the region's waters so that you don't run into risk areas.

Plan Your Journey

If there are islands that you wish to visit during your trip, it would be worthwhile to plan your journey. As well as being helpful when it comes to creating an itinerary, planning will also ensure that you have a sound knowledge of the waters you will be approaching so that you are aware of shallow waters and the best route to take. All sailing parties will be given detailed navigation to assist them. Check out what's on offer in different destinations to make the most of your holiday.

Pack Carefully

When packing, make sure that you are bringing as little as possible to avoid adding unnecessary weight. Storage space will be limited, so check when booking what is included with the boat. Most charters will have all the linen and crockery you will require for your journey, so you need only bring the essentials: weather-appropriate clothes such as shorts and t-shirts, a decent-quality wind-proof jacket and a well-fitting hat. Bring sun cream and sunglasses for the glare of the water. If you are planning any hiking trips or evenings out, pack the appropriate clothes. Importantly, make sure you have appropriate deck shoes, as you will need them.

Good preparation will help you make the most out of your Greek sailing holiday.