With just a few short weeks to go till the summer is upon us, if you haven't sorted your summer break yet, let us tempt you with an idyllic option - sailing around the Greek islands. Interested? Read on.

Greece is a beautiful holiday destination, whether you're land or sea-based. The weather is great, the scenery spectacular, and opting for a sailing holiday will give you a different perspective on the islands. To make sure it's a memorable holiday for all the right reasons, follow our simple tips.

Sailing is a fantastic way to spend a holiday, whether you're a complete novice and want to hire a crew to go with you, or you're experienced enough yourself to go bareboat. As a sailor, you'll also be aware of some of the things that might go wrong on a voyage, even if you are prepared.

A bare boat charter in Greece - without a hired crew or captain - gives you and your party the ultimate in independence and privacy. Be sure that at least one person on the trip, in addition to yourself, is a competent sailor.

If there is any doubt, take a refresher course before you set sail. Refreshers could be on specific elements such as navigation, or specifics on mooring in the Mediterranean.


Read the Small Print

Be absolutely clear with the charter party from the outset about what you are paying for and what is covered in the agreement. There will be a detailed 'check-in' procedure, too, so make sure you check everything is in full working order before you sign.

If you have any final questions, now is the time to ask. It should go without saying that you need to check the state and presence of safety gear, but in the excitement of the moment it might be overlooked. This stage is your inventory, and anything that differs on your return will likely be charged.

Of course if you are booking your holiday with Nisos Yacht Charter then they do not charge for lost or broken equipment. The insurance included with each charter covers you against any damage or losses.


Make sure you understand where all the risk areas and pinch points are, such as prevailing winds or shallow waters, in order to minimise risk. So you are not completely reliant on GPS technology, brush up on more traditional navigation skills.  The Ionian is generally a very safe and simple area to sail and each boat comes with a detailed Ionian Pilot Guide. In addition, you will be given a thorough area briefing before you set off.

Apply Caution

Keep checking the weather forecast. Greece is associated with great weather for much of the year, but it is not guaranteed.

Make sure you are prepared coming in to ports. The organisation on different islands varies, so try and be the consistent element and have your anchor and ropes ready. The water depth can vary massively around the Greek islands, so it's about being sensible, preparing in advance, and knowing how to use the equipment.

Common Courtesy

Finally, respect the boat and other people. Treat the yacht as if it were your own, and be considerate to other people. Look after your crew and, above all, enjoy yourselves and your bare boat charter in Greece. Then tell your friends!