No matter what type of sailing trip you take, you'll always need to take certain things. The five items listed below are probably the most important things to take on Greek sailing holidays.

Money and documents

Since 2002, Greece uses the Euro as its sole currency. It is advisable to take a reasonable mix of cash and travellers cheques. Try to get these prior to leaving and ideally not from the airports, because exchange rates in the airports tend to be less competitive. Most shops in Greece will accept credit cards, but remember that you may be charged a fee by your card issuer for using your cards abroad.

In terms of documents, don't forget your passport, insurance documents and EU medical card, if you are an EU citizen. If you intend to hire a car, motorbike or off-road vehicle, you will need to take your driving licence. If you are an experienced sailor and you're going to be skippering your own vessel on a bareboat charter, you will also need to take with you the relevant paperwork showing that you possess the appropriate qualifications.


If you are going away between the middle of May and the end of September, you will get the best of the Greek weather, so you probably won't need to take many layers. As you will be spending most time on-deck or in the water. You will probably get away with just a handful of swimsuits, t-shirts, shorts and maybe some casual clothes for the evenings. In terms of footwear and headgear, closed non-slip shoes are best - and don't forget a decent sun hat. If you are travelling before May or after September, you'll need to add sweaters, warm trousers, windproof jackets and some wet-weather clothing, just to be on the safe side.

Toiletries and medication

To save money, buy your bathroom essentials before you go, as they tend to be more expensive to buy in Greece. It may also be difficult to get prescription medicine, so it is important to take enough of any regular medication that you take to last throughout your holiday. Make sure you take plenty of sunscreen and after-sun, as you will be spending a lot of hours in the sun. Although most yachts will have them aboard, it is also worth taking a small basic first-aid kit with you.


If you are allergic to any food items, you should bring the specialist foods that you eat at home if possible, as you may not be able to source them in local shops that you are able to access in Greece.


On Greek sailing holidays, you will need a two pin plug adapter for on-shore use. Many yachts will have 12v sockets, so it would also be useful to bring the appropriate chargers for any electrical equipment, such as laptops and mobile phones that you intend to bring.

In conclusion, if you take all of the above with you, you should be able to enjoy a great sailing holiday.