Greece and its islands have an irresistible charm. Perhaps it is the history, mythology of Olympus, the wonderful climate or the warm hospitality of the Greek people that make Greece so alluring.

The Greek Islands are a great yachting area, consisting of more than 15,000 kilometres of picturesque coastline to explore, and over 2,000 islands to see. With an ideal Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot summers, why wait to plan your perfect Greek yacht charter holiday?

Why Greece and the Ionian Islands?

For the sailing enthusiast, the close connection Greece has to the Mediterranean Sea is particularly special. Sailing the Greek Islands conjures visions of deep blue skies, swimming in clear azure waters and experiencing breathtaking scenery.

The Ionian Islands, known also as the Eptanisa (Seven Islands) are particularly charming, consisting of beautiful islands like Corfu, Lefkas, Nidri and Gouvia. Stretched along the western coast of Greece, the islands have a mild climate and lush growth of foliage and greenery. Due to gentler winds than other islands, the Ionians form the perfect place for sailing holidays and yacht charters, especially beneficial for holidays with the kids or less experienced crew.

Why charter a yacht?

Sailing in Greece is not only achievable - it is also affordable. For less than hotel and daily transport costs, you can stay in your own self-catered floating paradise, affording access to some of the most beautiful ports, and glorious stop-offs available in the Greek Islands. These areas are often unreachable or hard to explore from land. Escape the crowds and plan your own adventures, visiting new places each day or going where the wind takes you. A sailing holiday offers the ultimate freedom and a chance to experience a part of Greece that the tourist crowds often fail to see.

When is best to go?

The charter season starts early in March, when air temperatures rise higher than seawater temperatures, creating a stabilising effect, this continues towards mid-May. July and August have the peak high temperatures and sun hours, making it the high season for chartering.

There are a number of sailing and charter options to choose from:

Bareboat Yacht charters

This option provides you the ultimate freedom. There is no crew, instead, you take control and sail yourself.

Assisted charters and flotilla holidays

With this option, a crew will assist your safe mooring at night, leaving you able to explore during the days and evenings. The flotilla will consist of around seven yachts all following a planned itinerary.

Skippered charters

An ideal solution if you would like to learn how to sail or have someone on hand to do all the hard work! A skipper can offer invaluable information on places to visit, enabling you to get the most out of your holiday.

Charter a yacht in Greece for your summer holiday and explore the best of the Ionian Sea. Book the sailing vacation of your dreams and travel to a Mediterranean paradise of discovery and adventure.