Azure seas, rocky coves, sandy beaches and blissful sunsets: Greece promises it all, and there is no better way to enjoy these things than on a sailing holiday. Matching expectations with reality can seem tricky but with Greece then this does not need to be the case! Here are a few tips to make sure you really can sail off into the sunset.

Quality of Boat

Sailing holidays in Greece are only as good as your boat. Choosing a professional yacht charter, with a fleet of modern, well-maintained vessels, is crucial. These are the operators best placed to advise on your ideal hire.

Don't Get Sunk by Inexperience

A sailing holiday in Greek waters can be for everyone, regardless of ability or age. If sailing is new to you, or you're relatively inexperienced, a skippered charter is the way to go. You could make it really relaxing by opting for a hostess as well as a skipper thus taking control of your on-board catering.

If you're confident in your sailing abilities, bareboat charters or assisted bareboat charters could be for you. Good charter companies will have a range of variously sized yachts to accommodate parties of varied sizes. Alternatively, if yours is a very big party, or you just fancy making some new friends, you might like to consider a flotilla holiday.

Safety Features

Although sailing holidays in the Ionian, or other Greek waters, are relatively low risk due to the calm, flat seas and sheltered coves, it is always sensible to ensure your yacht is properly equipped. As well as life preservers, flares and other essential safety equipment. Don't forget to look for features such as a really good anchor and an extra anchor chain. After all, no-one wants to worry that their anchor will not stay put when they want it to. You should also expect your yacht to have a tender and outboard engine.

By utilising a professional company then you can rest assured that these requirements are all taken care of.

Combining a Sailing Holiday With a Villa Break

It is increasingly popular to combine sailing holidays with a villa break. Offering the perfect mix of activity with relaxation, this can be particularly suitable for families with children. Many of the best yacht charter companies also have villas for hire, usually in excellent locations and with panoramic views.

Watch Out for Hidden Extras

The most customer-focused yacht companies will supply free fuel and include insurance, cleaning and outboards as standard. They will also not expect you to holiday in a yacht carrying advertising.

Flexibility in Holiday Length

Most charters are arranged for a single week, a fortnight or three weeks. However, some people want their sailing holidays in Greece to last longer. Many yacht charter companies seek to accommodate such wishes and so it is always worth enquiring.


The season for Greek sailing holidays generally runs between May and October. Discounts may be available for less popular weeks, particularly outside the school holidays. Again, it pays to ask.

Sail Away

With a little planning, your perfect sailing holiday is waiting. A word of warning: one holiday is almost never enough!