Unfortunately Easy Jet have decided to significantly change the times of their morning Manchester flight (EZY1993) (I think from the 2nd July onwards). If you have booked this flight you should have already received notification of the change. 

The changes are that the flight (EZY1993) now departs Manchester at 16:20 arriving into Preveza at 21:55.
On the return leg, flight EZY1994 now departs from Preveza at 22:35 arriving back at Manchester at 00:10.
Clearly this does not fit very well with the boat availability times from Nisos Yacht Charter and you will not get away from base on the day of arrival.  We will still require the boat back at base by 9am on the Sunday morning of departure, so you will have a day on land waiting for your flight home.
You do have the option to cancel, as it is such a significant change, which we advise you look at doing ASAP and either re-book on the morning Monarch flight from Manchester or Birmingham or one of the morning flights out of Gatwick.  Good sources for flights:  
Please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you.