There is a wonderful sense of freedom in being out on the open water that no other holiday can offer. That's what makes sailing so special - nothing else can match it. And once you have the bug, you'll understand why so many people, whether alone, with their families or partner or with a wider group of friends, choose to go on a sailing holiday each year.

The planning needed beforehand may make this seem like a hard option however, by using an established provider like NISOS Yacht Charter then both planning beforehand and indeed during the trip, will be worth every minute of the effort required. There can be few ways of getting a complete break from the normal day to day business grind than setting sail.

Arranging a Boat

A yacht is a luxury that many of us dream about but few are able to realise. But having one, even on loan, is critical to a sailing holiday, so do your research and book in advance.

Be honest about your skills and experience when it comes to sailing. There are a great many companies that will allow you to charter a yacht complete with experienced staff and skipper, which for many people is a great way to ensure complete relaxation. Control is given to someone else for a change! It's not just about boating skills either, so remember that if your pride means it's difficult to give the helm to someone else, you've also hired them for their knowledge of the local area.

Be realistic about your skills when choosing a destination, too, such as for sailing adventure holidays in Greece. Some areas are known for having trickier winds or more unpredictable waters however, sailing around the Ionian islands will be a fantastic opportunity to truly relax and enjoy such an unspoiled way of life.

Bareboat Charters

If you're a little more experienced and are really wanting the adventure of a lifetime, look out for companies offering bareboat charter. You get the fully equipped yacht, but minus the crew and skipper. This takes more setting up because no company will let you out on your own with one of their boats without some sort of evidence that you'll be able to sail it. Clearly, this option affords more privacy, but it does mean all the decision -making is down to you. Not having to pay the crew's day rate could save some cash, although expect damage waivers to be higher. Prices will vary depending on the season, the skipper and the size and age of the boat.

All Aboard!

Once you have secured the ideal boat and destination, its now time to plan your itinerary. Holidays are a great opportunity to have some free time and not have your days dictated by the clock, but it is best to have an idea of where you'll be heading and when. Not only will you avoid wasting time by playing things by ear, but you'll find the time to see all the best bits of your destination. By planning a sailing adventure holiday in Greece then you will of course be able to take in more islands and enjoy more of this spectacular scenery.

Find up-to-date information like charts and maps of the area, and ask for recommendations. That way, you can make sure your holiday is one to remember for all the right reasons.