Whether you are a family unit with young children, teenagers, grown up kids or a mixture with some grandparents thrown into the mix too, there's nothing better than getting away from it all with your nearest and dearest. Sunshine, delicious food, new things to see do and try, warm welcomes wherever you go and the freedom only being out on the water brings. All these things and more make Greek sailing holidays the perfect choice for families of all sizes and age.

Half the battle when deciding on a family holiday type and destination is finding something that will suit everyone, which is why a sailing break is an obvious and the perfect choice. The chance to experience life on the ocean waves, on a modern, well equipped, well maintained and comfortable yacht in beautiful surroundings is exciting enough. Then throw in the daily change of scenery, the new places to explore and patches of water to swim in and it's obvious why nobody gets bored.

No sailing experience is necessary

The beauty of this kind of holiday is that all you really need is the desire to experience it, as different options cater to those with lots, some with zero sailing experience.

Independent sailing

Qualified and experienced sailors are able to hire and sail their own yacht and spend a week or two exploring deserted bays, sunbathing on deck and visiting traditional villages to eat at secluded tavernas. Suggestions for routes are usually available, and back-up help is just a radio call away if any further advice is needed.

Semi-independent sailing

Holidaymakers with some sailing experience, and certification, often prefer to join a small group of yachts which sail together following a set route. This offers the best of all worlds, as the keen skipper gets to use their skills in a supported environment, and the family can enjoy all the same benefits as independent sailors, spending the days and evenings as they choose.

Sit back and relax sailing

If you love the idea of a Greek sailing holiday but have no experience and would like to learn, or would simply prefer to simply sit back, relax and let someone else do the work, then hiring a charter yacht with a skipper is the ideal option. Those who are keen to master sailing have an experienced teacher on tap, the ideal way to learn.

Some charters also provide a yacht hostess option too, which generally covers the domestic and some of the catering side of the holiday. You would expect daytime meals and drinks to be prepared and served, leaving your evenings free to explore local eateries. Removing the dish washing, bed making and cooking tasks makes the holiday a genuinely restful one for everyone.

If the sea beckons, whisk the family away for a sailing adventure they'll never forget. The Greek Islands are a fantastic place to visit, and whether you sail or not, you can be sure everyone in your family party will have a great holiday.