The Greek islands promise a heavenly setting - dazzling blue sea, dark forest covered hills and dramatic cliffs all interspersed with cosy ports or inlets and beautifully hidden beaches. What better way to experience the romance of the Greek islands than sailing on a luxury chartered yacht? Greece has roughly 3,000 islands and islets, far and wide across the eastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea.

NISOS Yacht Charter is based in the Ionian Islands which is in the Ionian Sea to the west of mainland Greece. The Ionian Islands are close to Albania and Italy, and have historically formed Greece's gateway to the Adriatic and the rest of Europe. The main island is Corfu, architecturally eclectic with a lush green landscape and lazy beaches. NISOS Yacht Charter is based on the smaller island of Lefkas / Lefkada, which is central to the whole Ionian region.

Discover the Romance on Land and Onboard

For your romantic holiday on a Greek luxury yacht charter then Lefkada is an excellent base. This will enable you to discover the famous islands of Kefalonia and Ithica, and also the lesser known but equally stunning Paxos, Meganissi and Kamalmos. However, just enjoying being on the boat in the middle of the Ionian sea can be enough to provide the romantic setting you seek.

Skippered or Bareboat?

If you haven't sailed before and wish to learn or if you would prefer to spend more time relaxing than sailing the boat, then you may wish to opt for a skippered charter. All of the skippers that are provided are British and aside from excellently looking after the yacht, will know the best places to visit to help you get the most out of your holiday. For the ultimate in luxury you may want to include a hostess with you for your holiday too. Your skipper and hostess will ensure that the yacht is clean and tidy, prepare beautiful breakfasts and lunch on board, and will be happy to serve you drinks throughout the day.

Alternatively, if you have sailed before (you must have the RYA Day Skipper practical and theory certificate or an International Certificate of Competence ("ICC") or other national equivalent) and are confident about doing so, you may wish to have your own yacht from which you can explore the islands. There will be no restrictions on when and where you go.

Soak up the Sun, Culture and Sea

Whether you decide to go it alone, or go the whole hog and have the luxury of a skipper and hostess with you, it is likely that in a typical day you will motor sail in the light morning breeze, stop for lunch, and then have a more lively sail in the afternoon and arrive at your new destination each evening to visit a local taverna for your dinner. You can have additional stops for swimming or snorkeling in a beautiful bay, or even to go on land to do a little more exploring of the countryside or pretty villages nestled into the hillsides. Whatever you decide to do, the romance of Greece awaits.