If you're considering taking a sun break this year but you are bored with the same old hotel based, all-inclusive holiday then look for a holiday with a difference this year, why not look at some of the amazing sailing holidays available in Greece, for sun, fantastic food, sailing, new friends and the chance to develop a fresh set of skills onboard a boat!

Planning ahead

As with all holidays, the secret to the best possible experience is to be prepared. Start by establishing your budget, as this will drive your final choice of charter vessel, holiday duration, flights, accommodation and excursions. Most sailing holidays allow customisation, especially when boats are chartered, so holiday options can be built around your needs.

Chartered boat holidays can be good value because the costs can be split between everyone on board, so that no one individual is responsible for extra costs. This can include all of the running and catering costs, with you just needing to purchase your travel to the holiday.

Picking the right boat

Sailing holidays in Greece come with a large range of boats, with your choice dependent on taste, budget and preferences. You'll see a range of yachts and should start with those that fall within your budget range. From this point, you can select sailboats which match your needs and offer any add-ons or extras as part of the price. Things to look for include the boat amenities, and the electronics and safety features. Make sure you know exactly what you will see on the boat when you arrive. It is best to ensure that at least one member of your party is experienced in selecting charter vessels, so they can help with this selection process. That said, choosing the right charter company will help and will ensure you choose exactly the right preferences for you and your group.

Hotels and flights

Remember to include your flights in your overall holiday costs, as you will be responsible for organising and paying for these separately to the charter holiday itself. Some charter firms will recommend an agent to book these at special rates. Remember to the costs for provisioning. Some charter packages will include these costs, but this is rare. If you opt to buy your own provisions, you'll need to spend the first day of your holiday buying supplies. Make the decision before you arrive, to avoid extra delays.

It's sensible to book your flight as soon as the charter boat is booked - an obvious point, but one that's easily overlooked and which can eventually lead to expensive rebooking later!

Check contracts

Make sure you read the charter contract very carefully before you sign it and ask plenty of questions, so that you know exactly what is involved and the terms for pricing, boat delivery, bad weather cancellations, refunds and so forth.

Pack carefully

There is likely to be little room on deck, so pack very carefully, including clothing that is suitable for life on deck in all weather conditions. This includes waterproofs and warm clothing, through to sunglasses, UV sun protection and swimwear. Remember deck shoes too and a good hat.

With the right preparation, a Greek sailing holiday could be one of the finest you will ever experience.