If you've booked your first sailing holiday, then you're in for a treat! For sailing adventure holidays, Greece has plenty of excellent options, but it's worth being aware of some key things before you go, so you can plan and pack accordingly.

Getting Used to the Sea

You'll find that sailing adventure holidays Greece wide and beyond take a bit of time to get used to. In fact, the first time on a yacht will probably give you wobbly sea legs! Take your time to get used to the movement of the boat and the narrow hallways and steps on board. As you take it slowly and relax into your holiday, you'll find that your learning curve is far easier, and you'll quickly love your new surroundings.

Thinking About Your Plans

With a private boat, you can go anywhere that you want around the Greek islands at any time of day. This offers incredible freedom, but you'll find you get most from your trip if you complete some detailed planning first. If you aren't sure about the local area, then your charter company can create an itinerary for you. A skipper on board will make it easier, as they can do all of the sailing and planning for you. Do some research, though, if there are specific things that you want to see.

Pack in a Compact Way

Remember that even on the most luxurious of sail boats, storage space will be limited. So pack using a duffel bag or backpack rather than a suitcase, and pack very carefully. Regular sailing holiday fans always say to pack just half of the clothes and double the money! You'll basically be wearing the same things daily - a t-shirt, shorts, flip-flops and swimsuit, with extras needed such as a hat, towel, jumper, enclosed shoes and evening outfit. You should also bring toiletries, any required medicines, chargers and adaptors and a book. Bring sunscreen too and basic first aid items, along with a flashlight.

Keep out of the Sun

The sun on board a ship is incredibly powerful, and if you have a cocktail or two on board, you might suddenly realise you are burned. So make sure you drink lots of fluids, wear very high-strength sun protection - especially if you are fair - wear a hat and sunglasses and don't sit directly in the sun at midday.


There will be plenty of time to relax, doze and escape on your sailing holiday, so remember to make the most of digital-free time with books, board games, CDs, cards and musical instruments. There is also nothing better than indulging in good conversation at mealtimes and over a drink or something at dusk - relax and take your time!

Important Documents

Make sure you keep your visa, passport and photocopies of each in a waterproof zip bag. Carry local currency, travelers cheques and a debit card, and bring the paperwork that relates to your charter holiday.

Now relax and prepare to have an amazing holiday!