There is simply no finer way to explore the beauty of the Greek islands than via a luxury yacht charter. Whether you go bareboat, flotilla or crewed is up to you, but ensuring you have all those luxury touches will make the difference between a great holiday and the best holiday ever. So what are the must-haves for a luxury Greece yacht charter? The following article will detail what are the ‘must-have’ features to ensure your holiday is one to remeber.

Skippers and Hostesses

A luxury yacht is still a luxury yacht whether its crewed or not, and for some sailors the joy is the sailing itself. For others, however, the true value of luxury is lying back and having the sailing completed for you. The best yacht providers will offer a choice of bareboat, skipper or associated skipper, the latter of which gives you the chance to learn but with someone knowledgeable at hand. True luxury, however, lies with having a hostess, someone on board who will serve you drinks and keeps things spick and span. When you have a hostess on-board, make sure it's a service that includes homemade breakfast and lunch each day too. It's good to enjoy dinner on land, however, allowing you to sample the amazing seafood restaurants found throughout the Greek islands. The best yacht charter providers will allow the choice of adding on-board evening meals, or even beachside BBQs to your trip. As you can see, the true must-have luxury is choice and the option to tailor your charter to suit whatever requirements you may have.

A Luxury Yacht

You would think this would go without saying, but it's imperative you go with a provider that genuinely has luxury yachts in its fleet. A luxury yacht doesn't necessarily have to be massive, but does have to be relatively new, well-maintained, clean and have all the latest sailing gadgets on board.

Award-winning Customer Service

An absolute must-have is going with a yacht charter company that has been recognised for its customer service in the form of an award. This tells you that this is a company you can trust. Also check what customers say on Trip Advisor, highly recommending reviews say a lot about a charter company.

Luxury Extras

If you're looking for luxury, then it needs to apply to every aspect of your trip. Luxury must-haves include quality sheets, towels and linen, as well as a chilled bottle of bubbly to get you on your way. Luxury means that no compromises have been made and also means knowing what you need to pay upfront, with no hidden fuel or cleaning bills.

A Greece luxury yacht charter should be one of the most unforgettable holidays of your lifetime, especially if you choose to tour the stunning Ionian Islands with a skipper and hostess or even try and do the sailing yourself! Make sure the charter you choose offers all the luxury extras - cleanliness, modern yachts, safetyand excellent customer service.