A skippered yacht charter around the Ionian Islands, Greece

Ever wondered what it is like having a holiday aboard a sailing yacht? Maybe you have been on holiday in Greece and seen the yachts mooring up for the evening and dreaming of one day having such a holiday yourself?  Well it is entirely possible, and Nisos Yacht Charter can make that dream come true!

We arrange many skippered charter sailing holidays each year, all starting from our yacht base at Perigiali on the east coast of Lefkada (or Lefkas as it is sometimes referred to).  Some of our clients are groups of friends, some families with children of all ages and some just couples looking for the ultimate in relaxing adventure holidays.  In short sailing holidays are suitable for all age groups.

In the Ionian Islands, the winds are not as strong as other parts of the Mediterranean and the distances between the islands not as great, so it is the perfect area for a fun, relaxing sailing holiday, especially with guests on board who are not used to living on board a sailing boat.

You will be introduced to your skipper via email before you arrive on holiday, so your skipper will be able to plan a suitable itinerary for you and to get to know you a little. Then when you arrive at our Yacht Base on Lefkada, you will be shown aboard your floating home for the coming week and the skipper will talk you through some of the necessary safety aspects of the boat, before casting off and setting sail on a holiday of a lifetime.

The first day is usually a short sail to your first evenings destination.  Usually clients have been travelling for the day and are a little tired so it is important for the first afternoon sail to be relaxing and short.  We usually head over to Meganissi Island which is only 45 minutes away.  Each evening you will be moored up in a beautiful Greek village and have the time to wander off and explore and find your perfect taverna for your evening meal.  The skipper may join you if invited, but they are very used to giving you the space you need.

Each day you will visit a different Ionian island and anchor up in a bay for a fantastic lunch time swim before hoisting the sails for a brisk sail in the afternoon sea breeze.  The first time you feel the wind fill the sails of a sailing boat and she heels over is a very special and memorable experience!  Usually around 5pm you will be mooring up in a different village for the night.  During a one week skippered charter you will likely visit the islands of Lefkas, Lefkada, Meganissi, Ithica, Kefalonia, Kalamos and Kastos as well as possibly a few places on the Greek mainland.  The scenery is stunning, the sea is crystal clear and warm and if you are lucky you may see the Ionian dolphins, who enjoy playing in the bow wave of the boat.

The skipper will encourage all the crew to get involved in the sailing of the boat.  From moving the fenders, helming, throwing ropes, lowering the anchor there are all jobs which can be done by all ages.  If you are keen to learn then it is a wonderful opportunity with pretty much one on one tuition for the whole week. 

Each yacht comes with its own tender and outboard engine, snorkelling gear and we have kayaks and stand up paddle boards ("SUPS") available for rental to enhance your holiday on the water.  

A sailing holiday in the Ionian really is a fantastic holiday and one you will remember for all the right reasons for ever.  If you would like to discuss this with us, and find out how Nisos Yacht Charter can give you a holiday of a lifetime, please do get in touch with Rowan Carver.

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