You've browsed the brochures, discussed endless possible dates and finally you've booked your holiday. Now it's time to think about what you should be bringing with you on your exciting adventure.

If you haven't been on an adventure holiday before, then knowing what to pack and carry may pose a few issues. Remember, space will be limited and you only have two arms to carry your belongings. It is very likely to be hot too, so you won't want to overburden yourself with heavy luggage. Many holiday makers choose sailing adventure holidays in Greece for an action packed yet peaceful holiday in the sun. Here is our essential packing guide for sailing adventure holidays in Greece.


Let's get the boring yet essential list out of the way first! You should always carry your passport with you - Top Tip - make sure that it hasn't expired before you travel!

Your tickets are essential, lose these and you won't be going anywhere!

Your holiday insurance and any EU Medical Card you may have. It's not nice to think you could require medical treatment, but insurance will cover the costly expense of needing medical help abroad.

Money and credit cards are another essential to carry on you. All these items can be kept in a handy bag around your waist quite easily, where they will be safe and secure.


Many of us like to leave our technology at home when we go away and it's likely that you may not be able to get a Wi-Fi connection anyway. However, it is perfectly understandable that most will want to carry their phone with them. Many of the latest smartphones now have fantastic digital cameras built into them, so you wouldn't want to leave them at home.

With this, you will require your charger and of course an adaptable plug for use abroad.

You may also want to bring an i-pod or something similar to listen to music or books too.


Sailing adventure holidays in Greece during the summer months are going to be hot. You will need a hat, sunglasses and an item of clothing that can cover you up. You don't go to Greece and not visit a beach, so essential beachwear such as costumes, flip flops, snorkels and flippers can also be taken with you (if you can carry this).


Put together a small washbag of all your essential medical supplies. Your regular medication goes first, followed by painkillers, sun cream and after sun cream, insect repellent and shampoos. It might also be wise to pack some travel sickness pills, just in case!

Anything Else

If you are a regular sailor, then pack your log book if you want to record your sea miles. A waterproof jacket will always come in handy too.

Finally, don't forget that on this type of holiday, less is more when it comes to packing. Only take what you can fit in your backpack and make sure you pack those holiday essentials first!


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