What could be more appealing than meandering around the Mediterranean Ocean in your own sailing yacht? Well, you should therefore search for adventure holidays in Greece.

Greece is in south-eastern Europe and has thousands of islands throughout the Aegean and Ionian Seas. It is often referred to as the cradle of western civilisation, with its capital city of Athens retaining its ancient landmarks from the fifth century B C.

Where Should We Go?

With 6000 Greek islands (227 inhabited), you will be spoiled for choice. The Aegean and Ionian Seas are very calm and are perfect for sailing, especially if you're a novice, and due to the short distances between islands, you are able to visit a number of places in one week. For the keener sailor, the Saronic Islands offer great winds and shorter island hops, and the Cyclades islands offer strong winds and long sailing days. The choice is yours, but there is something for everyone.

What Can We Do?

If you are looking for relaxation, blue seas, blue skies, sailing into bays for light lunches before swimming and snorkelling in calm warm waters, sailing is what you are looking for. You have the freedom to go at your own pace and create your own itinerary. Deserted beaches, sun-kissed caves, breath-taking views and whitewashed villages - an adventure holiday in Greece has something for everyone.

Can We Go Sailing?

The Greek Islands are the perfect place to learn and develop your sailing. There are many companies that hire out yachts of all kinds. They will give you basic instructions, but there are many courses available if you wish to improve your abilities.

How Many Can the Yachts Sleep?

The yachts available today can provide sheer luxury, like a hotel on water. Many have drop-down boards for sunbathing and diving and have the capacity to house a large family with up to five double cabins with four bathrooms. Skippers can be hired if you are not totally confident of your sailing ability. Maybe this would be a good way of learning before you go solo.

What Is There to See?

With the endless choice of beautiful islands, sailing would give you the freedom to visit as many islands as possible. You can also visit some of the many ancient sites on the islands and mainland, such as the Acropolis, Olympia, Meteora, Corinth, Rhodes Town, Corfu Museums and the Cave of Apocalypse - not forgetting the many historical sites on the beautiful island of Crete.

What Is the Weather Like?

The summer weather in Greece starts in May in the mid-20s, rising to the mid-30s during the months of July and August. Strong winds are most common in the Aegean. These winds are called "Meltemi" and blow from the north/north-west and can last for several days. The wind in the Ionian Sea is slightly less powerful, so for a sailing holiday these sea breezes can be really refreshing in the midday blistering sunshine and assist your sails to move you along to your next destination.