A luxury cruise is a holiday that many people dream of - watching the sun set over the horizon, dropping anchor in different locations and experiencing stunning scenery. There's nothing quite like a sailing holiday.

Picture the Greek islands in winter. A break from the biting cold of home, deserted beaches and a chance to escape the tourist rush of the summer and see the ancient wonders of the Ionian sea. These islands typically experience much milder winters than the rest of Europe, making them ideal destinations all year round.

Greece luxury yacht charter

There are numerous reasons to choose the Greek islands as your ideal destination. The waters are calm and have little by way of marine traffic, islands are close together, giving you a big choice of easy-reach destinations, and there is of course, the stunning scenery.

Planning a special yacht charter in the winter months requires just a few things to consider. What sort of trip you are looking for, the duration and of course, budget. Those looking to see the ancient sites and ruins of antiquity will find them all over Greece, but especially on the mainland. For a relaxing trip, the islands experience much lower levels of tourism in the winter months, so each presents the perfect opportunity for secluded relaxation.

On a one week trip, it's possible to explore all of the northern or the southern Ionian islands. Then there's the option of a longer break, exploring both areas in full. Whatever the requirements, it's important to make sure you are aware of the destinations, sights and attractions to plan your trip accordingly.

Travel and insurance

Flights and transfers can be arranged by specialist charter companies, who can take your itinerary into consideration, whilst finding you the best deals available. Fortunately, if you plan a Greek luxury yacht charter then you will find a variety of domestic travel options and numerous hotels across the islands. Once again, specialist providers can advise and make recommendations to help you plan your trip.

Whilst the vessels themselves are fully insured, it's also advisable to take out adequate personal insurance, tailored to yachting holidays, for that added peace of mind. Again your provider can ensure this is adequately covered.

Of course, there is the vessel itself to consider. Your budget, sailing experience and the size of your party will all influence the decisions you make. The yacht will be your accommodation, so choosing the right one will be just as important as the destinations you venture to. Luxurious, beautifully furnished vessels will enhance the experience and help to create truly lasting memories. Of course, there are prerequisites that must be considered, such as adequate on board communication and GPS, comfortable quarters and a fully equipped galley. For winter trips, it's also important to make sure there is sufficient domestic power for light and heating after dark.

A luxury yachting holiday should be the experience of a lifetime. They do require a little more planning than conventional trips, but a professional charter provider will make the whole process completely pain free and will ensure that you have a holiday to remember.