Nisos Yacht Charter, the Ionian Sailing holiday experts, has been awarded the prestigous BMF Leisure Association Customer Service Award for 2017.  The award was presented to Rowan Carver of Nisos Yacht Charter at the annual BMF dinner in Canary Wharf during the London Boat Show in January 2017.

The award recognises the superb efforts by everyone involved in Nisos Yacht Charter in providing the very best sailing holidays possible.  

Providing a sailing holiday is without doubt one of the hardest types of holiday to deliver.  There is an awful lot to go wrong - the weather, client abilities, boat reliability and of course the actions of others which can all impact adversely on the sailing holiday.  The BMF Leisure Association committee recognised the lengths that everyone at Nisos goes to, to ensure that every single client has the very best sailing holiday possible.

This is a wonderful achievement and we are extremely proud to win this award!  For 17 years, Nisos has been up there at the top in providing the best sailing holiday experiences, and it is great to be finally recognised officially as such!

So if you want to be confident that you are booking your holiday with the very best sailing holiday company, then get in touch with Nisos Yacht Charter and book your Ionian sailing holiday today!