When you think of sailing holidays in Greece, you probably think of a super-rich popstar and his supermodel girlfriend, but think again. A sailing holiday around the Greek islands is for 'normal' people, too.

Greece is one of the best places anywhere in the world for a sailing holiday, with plenty of year-round sunshine and crystal-clear waters.

Not Just for Millionaires

Of course, having millions in the bank will not have a negative impact on your enjoyment or the quality of your holiday - far from it. But it is possible to have wonderful sailing holidays in Greece without breaking the bank. You might well sail past celebrities on their super-yachts, but the Greek waters are there for all to enjoy, and there are some great holiday firms operating tours sailing around the islands and exploring the stunning Greek coastline from an alternative perspective.

It might sound like an expensive holiday, but opting for a sailing tour means that you won't have to pay for food and accommodation on top of the price you see in the brochure, so it actually works out to be very cost-effective.

Make New Friends

More often than not, it's the people you share an experience with that make it special. When you're on holidad, meeting new people while you're away can be part of the fun. If you've opted for a sailing tour, you're given a ready-made group of people to share the time with - small groups who will spend the days together and also share sit-down meals together, too. It is a great opportunity to come home with new friends.


Visit the "Off the Beaten Track" Places

The best holiday firms will employ experienced crews with extensive knowledge of the local area. They'll be able to take you to all the best beaches, but they'll also know of the little gems, some of which can only be reached from the sea.

Can't Sail? No Problem

Sailing holidays are for anyone, whether or not you can sail, though the chances are you'll have a vague interest if you're willing to commit to spending your holiday on board a boat. The yacht crew is sure to appreciate a helping hand, and they'll be more than happy to 'show you the ropes'. But if you prefer to spend your time relaxing and catching the rays, that will be fine, too. It's your holiday! Do as much or as little as you please.

Step Ashore

Of course, just because you've opted for a sailing holiday, it doesn't mean you'll spend the whole, time afloat. There is much more to countries than spectacular coastlines, so take the time to drop anchor and explore the land as well. You might even incorporate some overnight stays on dry land, which will give you the opportunity to share some nightlife with a bigger crowd.

With so much on offer from a sailing holiday, the biggest decision is not whether or not to go but how long for.