It is a question we get asked a lot!  "Why should I book my precious sailing holiday with Nisos Yacht Charter, and not one of the other charter companies?"

Well there are many reasons why you should book your precious sailing holiday with Nisos Yacht Charter!

The fist reason and probably the most important, which many clients over look, is that when booking a sailing holiday with Nisos Yacht Charter, you are actually booking your holiday with the operator and not a simple agent.  An agent will have an office, a fancy web site and that is it.....they will find you a boat from one of the many charter operators and pass you over to them to deliver your holiday. They won't know the details of the boat you are booking or know about the operator in detail.  In comparison, when booking with Nisos Yacht Charter, you are booking directly with the people who will look after you from start to finish. Nisos Yacht Charter is the actual operator - no middle men involved at all.

As I tell many clients, "it is easy to sell a sailing holiday, whereas it is very difficult to actually deliver a sailing holiday."

During the holiday booking process, everything you are told by Nisos, will happen.  We know the area, the boats and the people inside out so we can guarantee we will meet your expectations.

With the rise of social media and on line review web sites, it is now easier than ever to see what other clients think about your choice of charter company.  Trip Advisor is one of the best out there, as the company being reviewed has no say over what is published.  It is free to list your company on Trip Advisor, so if a charter company you are considering booking with is not on Trip Advisor, ask yourself "why are they not on it and making use of this excellent FREE marketing opportunity?".

Nisos Yacht Charter joined Trip Advisor in 2015 and to date has received over 190 independent client reviews - all of which are 5 star! In fact, such is the quality of the reviews received, Trip Advisor lists Nisos Yacht Charter as "The Best Charter Company in the Ionian" with number one listing of Tour operators in the Ionian.  Check out the reviews yourself here:

Another good way of checking out your short list of charter companies is via Social Media.  Look up there Facebook page. Is it active with lots of contributions from clients? Photographs, videos and discussion - take a read and you will get a good feel of what the company is all about.  Is there a general good feeling? 

Finally, get yourself along to one of the excellent Boat Shows and meet the people in person.  You can ask as many questions as you wish and hopefully enjoy some hospitality (which this industry is renowned for!).  At the Boat Shows you will find two types of sailing holiday company.  The first will be the numerous "agents", who will offer a wide range of boats from different operators in many locations.  The second will be the actual operators.  These are the ones to seek out, as they will highly informative and be able to talk in detail about the yachts they run and the area they operate in.  In the UK, we have two main Boat Shows (London in January and Southampton in September) and several smaller ones (such as the Northern Boat Show in Liverpool in June and the Bristol Boat Show in July).  

Nisos Yacht Charter will be attending most of these shows in 2017, and with excellent complimentary hospitallity, really good informative discussion and a lovely bunch of people on the stand, please make sure you come and say hello to us, and hear for yourself why you should book your next sailing holiday with Nisos Yacht Charter!