The Ionian region in Greece is one of the most popular sailing areas in the world for yacht charter sailing holidays.  For those trying to choose a location for their first ever yacht charter or sailing holiday, the choices are endless and can be daunting.  Even within Greece itself the various cruising grounds offer very different sailing holiday experiences, with some suitable for the more adventurous sailor and others offering a more serene sailing experience better suited to families and less experienced sailors.

Nisos Yacht Charter is located in the South Ionian on the island of Lefkas (or Lefkada as it also known).  The Ionian archipelago is made up of 9 main islands, with Corfu, Paxos and Anti Paxos (the North Ionian) and Lefkas / Lefkada, Meganissi, Ithica, Kefalonia, Kalamos, Zakynthos and Kastos (the South Ionian).

The South Ionian is the most suitable area for family sailing and those looking for an easier experience.  This is due to the fact that the distances between the islands are shorter, navigation is easier (mostly by eye sight) and the lie of the islands creates an area called the “Inland Sea” which is more sheltered and protected, so the sea is generally flat and the winds not so strong.

Within this area the water is deep and there are only a few underwater hazards to be aware of, with the main one being the Hirimiti Shoal which sits just under the water north of the stunningly beautiful island of Meganissi.

The South Ionian is host to a huge number of beautiful towns to visit.  Favourites being Fiskardo on Kefalonia, Kioni and Vathi on Ithica, Sivota on Lefkas, and any of the villages dotted along the northern coast of Meganissi.  These delightfully, picturesque harbours are wonderful places to sail to and offer the picture postcard Greek village views which make holiday dreams come true!

If you don’t want to spend the night in a harbour, then there is nothing to stop you from anchoring overnight in one of the hundreds of beautiful bays dotted around the island coast lines.  Some of these have access to tavernas up in the villages or on the beach, or you may just prefer to cook on your yacht and eat out in serenity under the stars. The choice is yours.

It is a good idea to get familiar with the various methods of anchoring in the Ionian, so as to maximise the options open to you.  A very popular mooring method is utilising a line to shore with the anchor deployed off the bow, so as to keep you in position over night.  This also allows more yachts to moor in a smaller area. 

Whatever you decide to do, the Ionian never fails to deliver, and is the reason why the Ionian continues to be one of, if not the most popular sailing area in the world.

Nisos Yacht Charter experiences extremely high levels of repeat business (about 65% year on year), with many clients returning to the Ionian year after year, with different generations of family.  It is not unusual to see a yacht sailing with 3 generations of family on board!

If you need further information on the various sailing areas of Greece, please do not hesitate to contact Nisos Yacht Charter and they can tell you all about the pro’s and con’s of each area and help you make the correct decision for your first sailing holiday in the Greek Islands.