Meandering around the Ionian Islands is perhaps the best holiday you can gift yourself and your family. The best bit about such sailing holidays is, of course, the lavish yachts that give your holiday a grand feeling. In fact, sailing holidays are a great experience because you get to know a lot about yourself that you were previously unaware of. It is time to make the most of your holiday and travel to unknown places.

In case this is your first sailing adventure, there are bound to be a lot of butterflies in your tummy and all the excitement is completely worth it. The first such trip also includes a lot of important instructions and travel tips that need to be followed and maintained. After all, it is your first sailing holiday and you want it to be perfect.


  • Take Time to Adjust to Your New Surroundings – Holidaying around the Ionian Islands imply that you will be surrounded by sea for a couple of days. So, make sure you give yourself some time to get accustomed to the new surroundings. Enjoy yourself and have the time of your life but don’t pounce on all the lovely opportunities awaiting you on the first day itself. Instead, give yourself time and gradually start exploring what this holiday has in store for you.
  • Roll with the Tide and Not Your Luggage – Holidays imply luggage and carrying your essentials and belongings. But never make the mistake of taking rolling luggage. When sailing, rolling luggage can be quite difficult to manage because they might keep moving. It is best to opt for backpacks because that is the best way to travel around.
  • Keep a Check on the Legal IssuesSailing holidays in Greece implies long distance sailing trips and moving from one water territory to another often require certain legal paperwork. Well, legal documentation is required only when you plan to travel across international waters. But in some cases, territorial waters also involve legal paperwork. Make sure you have them ready to enjoy a hassle-free travel experience.
  • Carry the Snorkelling Gear – What good will a sailing trip do if you cannot indulge in some snorkelling activities? Make sure you have your snorkelling kit ready so that you can explore the treasures that await you in the sea-bed. Why just snorkelling, but make sure to try out scuba diving as well because these are adventures that you will cherish forever.
  • Beachwear, Shoes and Skincare Products – On a sailing trip the right beachwear is everything that will help you enjoy and relax. When it comes to packing the right pair of shoes, flip flops are the go-to option for maximum comfort. Make sure you carry a heavy amount of sunscreens and anti tan lotions.

Sailing trips come with loads of unpredictability and that adds to the charm of your holiday. It is time to prepare your bucket list and make sure that by the end of the holiday, all the items mentioned in your bucket list are fulfilled.