If you have done some traditional flotilla sailing holidays in the Ionian Sea and are now looking for the next step, then why not consider an Assisted Bareboat Charter?  An Assisted Bareboat Charter is the perfect next step away from the traditional flotilla holidays.

Nisos Yacht Charter is predominantly a bareboat charter operator.  This is where you sail independently for one or two weeks within the Ionian Sea region.  The aim of the Assisted Bareboat Charter scheme is to encourage and build our clients confidence so that they are able to successfully complete a bareboat charter.  

The Assisted Bareboat Charter is basically a small group of boats with our lead boat.  We keep the number of boats on the scheme to around 6 to 8 boats, and you follow a set itinerary around the wonderful Ionian Islands.  The lead crew will go on ahead and secure safe moorings for the participating yachts.  Participating yachts can then arrive at the pre-determined destination around from 4pm to 6pm, secure in the knowledge that they will have a safe mooring and a helping hand when they arrive so that they can moor the yacht safely.  The evening stop points will vary from the larger towns, to bays with no facilities so there will be something for everyone.

The lead crew will always try and build your knowledge and confidence, encourage you to make your own decisions but be the safety net should you require it.  Once safely moored up in the delightful evening location, you are totally free to do as you wish.  You can eat where you like and when you like. We do not arrange any group meals or parties like the traditional flotillas.  

The following morning, you will have a personal briefing on your own yacht, pointing out the next evenings destination and the best lunch time stops en route.  You can then set off and spend the day exactly doing as you please.

Clients taking part in the Assisted Bareboat Charter scheme, are free to leave it at any time. So if you are feeling confident, after discussion with the lead crew, you can go off and sail bareboat.  The lead crew will point you in the direction of some of the safer and easier ports to moor up in. Of course you are able to re join at any time!

The itinerary that the Assisted Bareboat Charter scheme will follow changes from week to week, depending on many factors, such as number of boats booked on the scheme, size of boats, ages of crews, the wind and the destination of the large traditional flotillas, which we try and avoid if at all possible.

A significant advantge of our Assisted Bareboat Charter scheme compared to the traditional flotillas operating in the Ionian, is the number of nights you get away from base. On the Nisos Assisted Bareboat Charter scheme, all clients spend every night away from base. So in a typical one week Ionian sailing holiday, Nisos clients have all 7 nights away from base, whereas if you were booked on a traditional flotilla you would only have 5 nights away from base.

We require all yachts on the Assisted Bareboat Charter scheme in the Ionian, to be skippered by a qualified skipper. That means RYA Day Skipper Practical or an International Certificate of Competence ("ICC").  We are unable to take clients who do not hold any practical qualifications, regardless of experience levels, due to Greek Maritime laws.

So if you are interested in taking the next steps towards bareboat sailing in the Ionian Sea, then get in touch with Nisos Yacht Charter! You won't regret it!