Escaping to the Greek Islands for a yachting adventure is one of the ultimate sailing holidays. Charters can be organised bareboat, assisted bareboat, skippered or in a flotilla for unforgettable adventure holidays in Greece.

Sailing ability

With a wide range of charters available, there is no need for you to have had any previous sailing experience. Alternatively, competent sailors can choose to go it alone. Regardless of your sailing ability, you will become more engaged with the events on board if you brush up on nautical terms and some elementary sailing tips before you board the boats.

The Ionian Islands are particularly suited to novice sailors as the sea there is calm and protected, and there are many islands and safe bays in which you can harbour.


Select a boat to fit your crew

There are a plethora of boat sizes available, so make sure to select the one that is right for your family or group. In this regard, think of the number of bedrooms required and the amount of space that is available on board for time alone.

Along with the right-sized boat it is essential to select one that is well maintained and has all the safety features that you require. Boat presentation should be of the highest standards, which reflects an attention to detail by the maintenance crew. You should also check what equipment is on board, such as inverters, autopilot, and instrumentation.

The level of safety that you need will depend on the crew. A family holidaying with young children will require additional safety features to give the adults some peace of mind that the little ones are safe. Regardless of the number of safety nets, young children should never be left alone on board.

Visiting villages

Adventure holidays in Greece must include trips to the Greek villages nestled close to the sea shore. You may choose to anchor your boat and visit the small villages with their range of shops and restaurants before returning to your berth at night. Alternatively, you may wish to take a night or two away from the yacht to visit one of the luxury villas that are available for rent. After finishing your sailing trip, you may like to stay at one of the villas for several days or even a week to round off your holiday.


The best time for adventure holidays in Greece is between May and October. Voyages can be planned for one to three weeks, or even longer if you have the time!

Items to bring

You don't need to do much packing for a sailing holiday in the Greek Islands. Bring loose clothing for the heat of the day and something long to put on at night. Remember the sun cream, hats and sunglasses for the glare from the water.

Sailing holidays in Greece can be tailored to your requirements and will meet the needs of most families and groups. Book yours soon!