Who hasn't dreamed of lazing on the deck of a yacht somewhere in the middle of the sparkling blue Mediterranean? With a Greek luxury yacht charter it's more straightforward than you think to make that dream holiday a reality. You can choose from bareboat, assisted bareboat, flotillas and skippered charters depending on your level of sailing expertise, from experienced to beginner, and whether you want a more challenging activity holiday or simply to relax and enjoy the breathtaking sights and sounds of the Greek Islands.

Island Hopping

The Ionian Islands are renowned for their weather, the beauty of the scenery and the flat, looking-glass seas. It's the perfect spot for beginners to learn the ropes in calm waters and light winds, whilst more experienced sailors can head for the Cyclades and the Dodecanese, where the winds and seas demand a firmer hand on the tiller.

Day Skipper

You may need to take a formal qualification in the UK before you climb on board, but your holiday provider will tell you whether this is necessary. RYA qualifications can be taken around the UK or even in the Mediterranean before you start your cruise, but be aware that you will pay more for the qualification outside the UK. Day Skipper is the minimum qualification you'll need if you want to charter a bareboat.

What Are My Options?

Opting for a bareboat means you have the freedom of the seas and will sail independently, turning a gentle cruise into an adventurous thrill ride depending on how daring - and experienced - you are. With an Assisted Bareboat Charter (ABC) you'll still be captain of your yacht, but you'll sail in a mini-flotilla of around six boats. Flotilla holidays typically involve more boats and will tend to steer for the calmer waters. For total relaxation, a skippered Greek luxury yacht charter, often with a host or hostess on board, is the best option, as all the hard work will be done for you. Some holidays also combine yacht hire with a luxury villa. With so many options, you're sure to find the sailing holiday that's right for you.


An Expensive Pastime?

Yachting has a reputation as being the ultimate rich person's getaway, but with the season typically lasting from May to October, there are off-season bargains to be had. There are an infinite number of options available to suit every level of experience and every pocket. A week soaking up the sun while cruising around the Med can often cost less than a skiing holiday.

Hidden Extras

Look for an operator with a good repeat booking rate and high client approval ratings and recommendations. Be aware that some operators will charge you for fuel and expect you to provide insurance, so look for all-inclusive deals. You may find that you have to pay mooring fees in some locations.

With charter hire to suit every level of experience and every pocket, a Greek yachting holiday is not only achievable but unforgettable.