What qualifications are required for yacht charter in Greece (Bareboat and Flotilla)?

This is a question, we at Nisos Yacht Charter, get asked an awful lot.  There is quite a lot of conflicting advise out there on the internet, and indeed the policy from yacht charter operator to operator can vary as well.

Greek law states that the skipper of the yacht, either on a bareboat sailing holiday or flotilla sailing holiday, must be in possession of a valid practical sailing qualification suitable for the boat they are chartering and issued by a recognised national sailing qualifications organisation.

Some sailing holiday companies operating in Greece do not ask for any qualifications (especially if sailing within a flotilla), but in our opinion this is wrong.  Every boat, either sailing bareboat or within a flotilla must have a suitably qualified skipper on board.  This is for the safety of the crew, the boat and other sailors in the area.  This is regardless of the level of experience the skipper and crew may have.

So if you wish to charter a sailing boat from Nisos Yacht Charter, one person at least, must hold a practical sailing qualification equivalent of RYA Day Skipper level.  This is the same for bareboat charter or our Assisted Bareboat Charter programme.

Another question we get asked a lot, is "I have loads of experience but no qualifications - what can I do?"

If you fall into this category, and you do not have the time nor inclination to sit a full RYA Day Skipper sailing course, then the best option for you is to obtain the "International Certificate of Competance" ("ICC").  In the UK this is issued by the RYA, after a practical assessment on board a yacht at one fo the many recognised RYA Sailing Schools around the country.  The RYA Instructor will assess if you have sufficient experience and knowledge to safely skipper a yacht and if so will issue you the ICC.  This process can be fast tracked by the RYA.


The ICC needs to be renewed every 5 years, but no further assessments are required after the initial one.  

Further ifnformation:   http://www.rya.org.uk/infoadvice/boatingabroad/icc/Pages/icc.aspx

If you are not up to Day Skipper standard then the only option for you is to enrole in a RYA Day Skipper course or IYT Day Skipper course or other national equivalents.


If you would like to discuss this further please do not hesitate to contact us.