Imagine chartering your own yacht to sail around the beautiful Greek islands and spend your holiday exploring this stunning part of the eastern Mediterranean. The winds are warm and light, the sea is flat and there are no tides to consider. You can spend your time swimming, relaxing, eating and drinking, and experiencing the hospitality of the local coastal villages.

First of all, you don't have to be an expert sailor for most charters. Many of the sailing adventure holidays in Greece are suitable for people of all ages. Swatting up on sailing terms, nautical knots and the destination islands or attending pre-holiday instruction will all add to the fun. Most operators offer the alternative of a local skipper if you are not confident in your sailing skills or would like a completely stress-free holiday.

Try to book directly with the operator because they are the ones who know all about the boats. Avoid booking agents if possible. In addition, it is best to go for a package that is all-inclusive so that there are no surprise local costs to be paid. Reputable operators with a high percentage of clients who re-book are also recommended.

Choose the right destination for you and your family. There is a bewildering number of wonderful choices available for sailing adventure holidays in Greece. Take your time selecting the right one so you can find something on offer that is just perfect for you.


Select the right size of boat for your family. Consider the number of bedrooms (birth) and the amount of deck space available. Bigger is usually better, but remember that this may come at an increased cost. An important comfort factor to consider is the number of toilets or bathrooms (heads) on board.

Always keep a watchful eye on young children when you are under sail. If you have children, hire a yacht that comes with safety features such as nets, safety ropes and harnesses, not to mention buoyancy aids and life jackets.

Take along plenty of things to entertain the kids while in the cabin, such as books and games. Some yachts may have a supply of these, so check before leaving home.

Consider your wardrobe depending on what you have planned. You'll need swimsuits, light clothes for covering up during the heat of the day, warmer clothes for the evening and a selection of shoes that are both easy to wear on the boat (non-marking, low-heeled) and for walking around any destinations that you choose to visit.

Keep hydrated with plenty of drinking water. It is recommended that you keep alcohol intake low throughout the heat of the day.

Leave your office mobile phone at home!

Remember to take lots of sunscreen with you and apply it at regular intervals. Sunglasses help with the reflection from the water. Make sure that everyone has a hat with a string so that it won't be blown overboard, and remember to take a supply of motion sickness pills just in case!

Chill out, unwind, sit back and enjoy!